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Always There.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 01, 2016 9:00 am    Post subject: Always There.  Reply with quote

Disclaimer: I don't own anything or anyone. No harm is intended in this fic, just letting my imagination run wild! It is based on a true event but the content is completely made up.

"Chris, I think we should split up." Jill told him over a Skype conversation. It hadn't come out of the blue, they had been chatting about the issues they had been having, yet, when she said it, it still felt like a massive shock to Chris. He could almost feel the shockwaves surge through his heart as she said those words.

Chris just looked down, not knowing what to say.

"Chris talk to me." Jill told him, gently, hating that she had to do this over Skype and not face to face. But that was just the way it had to be right now.

"There's nothing to say Jill." Chris said.

"Well don't you agree?!" Jill asked him.

"Of Course I don't agree Jill, I still love you for goodness sake!" Chris said, becoming angry now. Another person in his life walking out on him...Great.

After the Skype conversation had finished, Chris immediately text Jayne.
Chris: I need to talk to you.
Jayne knew from the bluntness of Chris' text that something was wrong. The lack of his awful sense of humour, the absence of his usual 3 kisses at the end of his texts. Something was definitely now right.
Jayne: Are you at home? I'm coming over.
Chris: I'm at home.

Jayne had arrived at Chris' flat in no time. She found him sat on the sofa, half way through a bottle of wine, apparently trying to drown his sorrows. She had, however, managed to get out of him what had happened and was now sat quietly with him.
"Chris, I'm so sorry." Jayne told him, as she sat quietly next to him.
"Why are you sorry?! You haven't done anything wrong." Chris said, seriously.
"Come on, you know what I mean Chris." Jayne told him softly as Chris poured himself another glass of wine.
"Want one?!" Chris asked her.
"No I'm okay thank you. I think at least one of us should stay sober this evening." Jayne replied.
"Jayne Torvill refusing wine...Are you ill or something?!" Chris asked-her.
"Not ill, just worried." Jayne said.
"Worried?! About what?!" Chris asked his best friend.
"Worried about you Chris. You & Jill have been together for a long time now. You've had kids together. Yet here you are, at the end of your marriage, and you're not even crying. Infact, you're more concerned that your glass of wine is kept full!" Jayne told him, deadly seriously.
"If I drink I can pretend it's not real." Chris told her truthfully.
"Owh and that's gonna help you through this is it?!" Jayne asked him.
"Yep..." Chris trailed off.
"And what about the rest of the series?! What's gonna happen when you're to hungover to choreograph or Even skate?!" Jayne asked him, firmly.
"I'll manage." Chris insisted.
"No you won't Chris! Gosh you wind me up sometimes." Jayne said, standing up and taking a few steps away to stop herself from slapping him.

After a couple of minutes of silence, Jayne was now looking out of the living room window, and Chris was sat on the sofa, feeling bad for annoying Jayne. Eventually, Chris slowly wandered over to Jayne, hugging her from behind.
"I'm sorry." He said, kissing her cheek.
Jayne sighed, before turning around in Chris' arms. "No Chris, I'm sorry. Sorry that you even have to go through this." She told him, gently as she tenderly stroked his cheek.
"I don't know what I'm gonna do Jayne" Chris told her truthfully, and Jayne was relieved that she had finally made a breakthrough. He could be a stubborn idiot sometimes but she loved him, and she was one of the few people who knew how to get through to his heart when he put the shutters up. "Jill was my whole world..."
"You've had 2 kids together Chris, it's bound to be painfuL." Jayne told him as they made their way back over to the sofa together and sat down.
"Yet another person I love giving up on me eh?! I should be used to it by now..." Chris trailed-off sadly, as a tear rolled down his cheek.
"Owh Chris..." Jayne sighed, feeling sorry for him as she rubbed his shoulder. "When are you gonna tell Jack and Sam?!" She asked.
"I dunno, we didn't get that far...But I wanna be over there when we tell them, I'm not doing that over a stupid Skype call." Chris said.
"That's fine. Even if you need to miss a week or two of Dancing On Ice to be with them Chris, that's okay." Jayne told him, sympathetically.
"No I can't miss a week Jayne, the press would be all over it...I might need to miss some training tho." Chris said.
"Of Course, I can cope without you" Jayne told him, with a cheeky smile and a nudge.
Chris let out a quiet laugh.

The hours passed-by quite slowly and it was now nearing 11pm at night. The pair of best friends were now snuggled up together, Jaynes legs curled up underneath her with her head resting on Chris' shoulder with her hands gripping onto his muscly arm.
"I'm not sure I wanna leave you tonight." Jayne told him quietly.
"I'll be okay." Chris tried to re-assure her.
"But will you really tho Chris?!" She asked-him, concerned for her partner.
"I'm just gonna go to bed after you leave." Chris told her.
"Yeah and then lie awake all night winding yourself up. And if you're gonna do that, then I'd rather be with you. Let me sleep in the spare room hey?! For my own peace of mind if nothing else...Please?!" Jayne asked him.
"Jayne you never have to ask me if you can stay. Never." Chris told her. "But what about your stuff, your pyjamas, and clothes for the morning?!" He wondered.
"I'll sleep in my clothes, and I've got some clothes at the studio I can change into in the morning." Jayne told him honestly.
"Okay then..." Chris said, before pausing before a couple of seconds. "Thank You." He said, "for being here" he finished, kissing the side of Jayne's' head.
"There's no need to thank me Chris. I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else." She told him, softly, before hugging her best friend tightly.
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 13, 2016 2:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I like it. Though I hope in real life Chris wouldn't let Jayne sleep in her clothes. Surely he would have a spare t-shirt to lend her Smile. And Chris is in distress, he needs a good cuddle. How can Jayne give him a cuddle if she's staying in another room? Wink

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